human design + Astrology + soul purpose

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let’s unlock your cosmic codes…

If you’re on Earth, you have a purpose.

I use Human Design, Astrology and your Soul Purpose to unlock your unique cosmic user manual for this lifetime.

Did you know that you were born with a unique user manual for your Soul…

You can feel more connected to yourself after a 90 minute session than you’ve ever felt before…

Through deep innate knowing and straight forward practical wisdom, I help you discover your purpose, energetic blueprint, soul alignment and deepest desires using human design and astrology. Together we strategically map your journey to quantum leap into your highest potential.

The work I do allows you to see yourself for who you truly are, not who have been conditioned to become.

My work is a collaboration between you and your Soul.

Did you know that your highest potential is coded directly into your unique cosmic blueprint?

I use my unqiue & intuitive fusion of Astrology, Human Design and soul purpose to help you understand your soul’s mission.

From that place of awareness, you’re able to take aligned action towards your highest potential and in flow with the song of your soul.

And through a deep knowing of Self, you are able to play with your own beautiful melodies to create a life of your dreams.

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If you’re on Earth, you have a purpose.

My unique method of reading your Cosmic Blueprint is a fusion of astrology x human design x your specific soul purpose.

Astrology is my first love and I use my intuitive take on the ancient wisdom to map the unique path of your Soul and blend that with Human Design — which is such a craze these days!

[FYI there is wayyyy more to HD than what ‘type’ you are].

Enjoy a transformative 90 minute session where we dive into your Cosmic Codes using my unique method of reading your Soul's Blueprint through a fusion of astrology, human design and soul purpose magic.

We are here on Earth to decondition our mind and step into the magnificence of our truest selves.

If blocks arise we have the tools to move through them with grace, together. This session allows for instant clarity. It is a coming home to yourself and a pathway toward your highest potential.

Let’s dive deeper, together.

+ You receive the audio recording of your session to keep forever +

what she said…

Here’s what some of my amazing clients had to say after their sessions:

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Jenna Black, Abundant Boss

“My session with Katherine was a game changer. She was SPOT ON reading my natal chart and human design and empowered me so deeply to truly step into my purpose and go ALL IN on my big vision. I learnt so much more about myself in that 90 minute session, yet everything she said felt like home. I deeply knew it to be true. Katherine is intuitive, sharp and knows exactly how to guide you into your true purpose and alignment”.

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Francesca Elizabeth Williams, Death By Lycra

“I absolutely adored my session Soul Purpose Reading by Katherine. It was so informative, in-depth and deeply transformational. I will definitely be booking in for another session as I feel we only began to touch the tip of the iceberg. Katherine truly is the real deal - she knows her craft inside and out and I couldn't recommend her enough for anyone seeking some soulful guidance”.

Are you ready to embody the next level version of you?

My Human Design, Astrology and soul purpose readings help you:

– unlock your unique cosmic blueprint

– understand your Soul’s operating system

– shift into alignment

– step into your authenticity

– uplevel your abundance

– return to self love

– discover your Soul’s purpose.

If you’re ready to dive in and get to know yourself on a cosmic level…

Here’s how we can work together.

Cancellation Policy

I dedicate a lot of time and energy into thoroughly interpreting your natal chart prior to and during the session. Therefore, there is no refund on cancellations.