Jupiter Direct 2019

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Jupiter Direct 2019

👆When Jupiter stations direct as Uranus stations retrograde and you’re like 🤪 It’s actually great news babes… here’s why👇

Jupiter is the BIG boi of the our solar system and he is the planet of expansion. Literally expands everything he comes in contact with (good thing aka ‘luck’ but also bad ting if you’re partying/eating a bit too much). If you’re having a Jupi transit it’s an actual thing to gain some kg’s.

Because he’s got a powerful presence we really feel when he is retrograde. Soooo, I want you to think back to early April which is when he went retro. Were there any projects you were working on or were you in a swift period or expansion and growth that suddenly just simmered down…?

Now that Jupi is full steam ahead again, anything that has felt stalled in your life, you’re gonna be like Stella and get your groove back.

Plusss +++ Jupi is going direct at 14 degrees of Sag which at the EXACT point of the sky as The Great Attractor.

The GA is a gravitational anomaly in space which magnetises things towards it. Astrology Phillip Sedgwick findings about the GA are interesting:

✨We are all magnetic beings with the ability to pull things towards us and be pulled by things too
✨Fate vs. free will: we are moving to a point we have no control over and yet we’re still feel free to make choices
✨All things lead here, so perhaps this is a clue as to our purpose and our reason for being- we are all being led to it whether we realise it or not
✨We can’t see it but we know we are moving towards it- kind of like death or change
✨Located out of sight on the other side of the Milky Way as a symbol for a new truth emerging or a greater truth to be revealed.

To sum up, with Jupiter direct on the great attractor, questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do you feel pulled?

  • Where do you feel you are heading?

And if you don’t like the answers you have the power of Jupiter behind you to course correct 💫

As for Uranus… he deserves his own post ✌️

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