Human Design + Astrology for the Soul

Discover your Soul’s Purpose and live your most authentic life

transformational soul work using HUman design and astrology to unlock your unique cosmic blueprint and soul purpose


let’s connect and uncover your soul’s mission on the deepest level through my unique method of reading your cosmic codes.

Cosmic Codes
Cosmic Codes Session.png

If you’re on Earth, you have a purpose.

My unique method of reading your Cosmic Blueprint is a fusion of astrology x human design x your specific soul purpose.

This 90 min session is a client fave!

Astrology is my first love and I use my intuitive take on the ancient wisdom to map the unique path of your Soul and blend that with Human Design — which is such a craze these days!

[FYI there is wayyyy more to HD than what ‘type’ you are].

Let’s dig deeper, together.

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