Human Design + Astrology for the Soul

Discover your Soul’s Purpose and live your most authentic life

conscious consultant & transformational mentor

Explore your unique blueprint, cultivate inner peace in the 9 to 5 & shift into a reality you are truly proud of


let’s connect and uncover your soul’s mission on the deepest level through my unique method of reading your cosmic codes.

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If you’re on Earth, you have a purpose.

My unique method of reading your Cosmic Blueprint is a fusion of astrology x human design x your specific soul purpose.

This 90 min session is a client fave!

Astrology is my first love and I use my intuitive take on the ancient wisdom to map the unique path of your Soul and blend that with Human Design — which is such a craze these days!

[FYI there is wayyyy more to HD than what ‘type’ you are].

Let’s dig deeper, together.

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